Demand Generation

Meeting Point

We listen first....then deliver

We offer a range of demand generation services. Sometimes it will be a kick start you need to fill pipeline prior to ongoing marketing activity, or it could be you need tactical lead generation as part of a marketing campaign. Alternatively, it could be a full closed loop service to ensure you’re getting true value from your investment. In any event, we can tailor our skills to meet your requirements and deliver quality results.

We do our best to understand and deliver against your benchmark of a lead. If in the unlikely event you aren’t happy with a particular sales contact, we will replace it with another.

Appointment Setting

We see ourselves as part of your team and part of your sales engagement process. We open doors and get your sales team in front of interested, budget holding, decision makers. That’s our job. We help successful sales teams be at their most effective – enabling them to walk straight in to the right contact to talk about your products and solutions and then turn them into revenue generating business.

This service is marketing in its simplest form, promoting positive engagement with your prospects and doesn’t always need supporting campaign material.

Funded Head

We can provide you with a funded agent dedicated to working on your campaigns who will build product and market knowledge and deliver great results on your behalf.  This model  has all the benefits of a dedicated caller, without the higher costs of a daily rate model.

We find this is perfect for companies who need long term telemarketing resource, but don’t have the headcount, space, or the right staff in place to manage and motivate an agent(s)

We take away these issues by providing a full time and permanent employee that would be an extension of your team to work for you full time, whilst being managed and motivated on our bustling telemarketing floor.  We have vast experience in finding and developing the best quality calling executives who stay with us and enjoy progressive careers.

This service to you includes everything from recruitment, PAYE, training, management and motivation to reach performance targets all for a single flat rate fee.

Lead Generation

We can take your appointment setting activity a step further by integrating marketing campaign material into the lead generation process. In our experience, this is far less a cold as prospects are warmed to your offer so you can expect in return a more informed audience at your sales meeting.

We have a deep understanding how best to generate high quality, targeted, sales leads for your sales team to execute.

Lead Nurturing

With the very best intentions sales teams tend to focus on the quick wins and even in some of the best organisations leads aren’t followed up at all. We have found through years of experience, a high percentage of B2B sales occur after at least five follow ups – whether that’s by telephone or through integrated marketing activity.

This means there’s a huge amount of wasted contacts and deals that are never realised because there is no process of lead nurturing. We can manage that process for you, report and track progress and deliver you better return on investment as a result.


The work we do is via the telephone, but we are not a call centre. Our agents are professionally trained with years of experience and never use scripted calls or predictive dialling systems. We provide bespoke telesales solutions and specialise in cross selling, upselling into your existing customer base.

Our approach means we treat each customer as an individual and create successful, high value sales.

Event Attendance

Relying on email and direct mail invitations is a sure way to limit the attendance at an event, conference, seminar or webinar. Even with the very best intentions, invitees need help understanding why they should attend, remembering to register, turn up, and telling you why your event was a success – or not.

Telesales is one of the most powerful ways to market events of any kind and a proven way to ensure high quality attendance and follow up.